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NEW BOOK! Slay the Bully: How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win

NEW BOOK! Slay the Bully: How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win

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By Rebecca Zung, Esq.

Foreword by Chris Voss

Slay narcissists—the ultimate bullies—in negotiation by following this simple formula, developed by a top attorney, that takes you from feeling like a victim to being victorious!

Whether your relationship is business or personal, narcissists have a way of honing in on their prey that is unparalleled.


"The path into hell is camouflaged, artfully concealed under lies and charm, red flags skillfully diverted away, until you finally realize that their tactics have left you feeling utterly drained to your soul.

 The population of narcissists is becoming an epidemic. The problem is that we've been applying a blanket approach to negotiation with narcissists and expecting them to work like they do with reasonable people.

 But narcissists' brains are not wired the same as reasonable people. That is why a conventional approach to negotiation always fails.

 But there wasn't a playbook on HOW to deal with them... until now.

 In this book, Zung shares her revolutionary framework to SLAY your negotiation with the narcissist.

 By the time you're finished reading, you will know how to shift the dynamic of power and be more confident and empowered in every aspect of your life!

"The magic of Rebecca's SLAY approach to negotiating with narcisissts is her depth of understanding of the psychological mind of a narcissist. She seamlessly and efficiently integrates that understanding with her unique insight and skill level in the negotiating process. What Rebecca is offering you here is an opportunity and a path to create a solution for you, and ultimately for your life that will allow you to achieve something incredibly valuable: peace of mind. This is an opportunity. Embrace it.”

Chris Voss   l  WSJ Bestselling Author  l   Never Split the Difference

"SLAY the Bully is a complete gamechanger! This book not only plunges into the minds of how narcissists think, reaching deep into their psyches, and pulling back the curtain on their personas, but also provides a real roadmap, complete with easy to follow strategies and tactics, to achieve the winning result you want when negotiating with a narcissist."

Jon Gordon   l WSJ BestsellerThe Energy Bus and The Power of Positivity 

"Narcissists big and small cause countless problems and toxicity that never ends. Here at last is a wisely brilliant lady and my friend, Rebecca Zung, who shares with us how to successfully confront and navigate through this seemingly intractable problem."

Mark Victor Hanson   l   New York Times Bestselling Author  l  Chicken Soup for the Soul

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