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Breaking Free Divorce Masterclasss: Stage 2 - Let the Divorce Begin

Breaking Free Divorce Masterclasss: Stage 2 - Let the Divorce Begin

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The divorce paperwork gets filed and responded to, forensic accounting may need to be done, custody evaluations might in order... Hey, it may get dirty…and you may hit some turbulence but you can get above the clouds to see the blue sky and the sun.   Time to board this divorce freedom flight!   

Note:   This Stage 2 series is for those of you who are just about to file (30 - 0 days before) or have already filed and the case is getting going (up to 12 months after filing or longer sometimes). 

How This Course Will Help You As the Divorce Case Begins: 
  • Where to find an attorney and how to choose one? What questions to ask your attorney - what should you tell your attorney?
  •  Attorney-client privilege
  •  The Procedure for Filing for Divorce; Who Should File First? What Happens once the Petition is Filed?
  •  The Process of Actually Serving the Divorce Papers and What Happens Once Papers are Served.  
  •  Should You Leave Your House?  
  •  The "Discovery" Phase, and what can slow things down during this phase? 
  •  The Five Main Areas of Divorce
  • Injunctions and other issues; Domestic Violence Issues
  •  How to conduct yourself during the case - and how to communicate with your soon- to-be-ex during the case
  •  Forensic specialists - what are they and do you need one? 
  •  Top Divorce Mistakes Men Make; and Top Divorce Mistakes Women Make
  •  BONUS! Divorce Case Organizer Included
  •  BONUS! Divorce Case Timeline Included
  • ​BONUS! Access to exclusive NarcSlayers Facebook group for support and connection
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